The School of Constructive Arts is a field-school teaching design, building, and ecology in the desert environment through direct participation and experimentation.

The mission of the Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District is to manage, protect, and conserve the groundwater resources, while protecting the property rights and promoting constructive and sustainable development in Brewster County.

Understanding the need for information and the value of natural resource conservation, Sul Ross State University created the Borderlands Research Institute for Natural Resource Management in spring 2007. The Institute is a natural expansion of a long-lasting partnership between private landowners; the Range and Wildlife Program at Sul Ross State University; and cooperating state, federal, and non-government organizations.

The Big Bend Group ǀ Sierra Club was founded in June 1996 by Sierra Club members in Far West Texas with a common goal — to preserve and protect the unique beauty and integrity of our region for the enjoyment of all.

The Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition was founded in 2004 at the El Paso Zoo in collaboration with El Paso Water.  CDEC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization serving as a resource on information about the Chihuahuan Desert and encouraging lifelong learning about the Chihuahuan Desert.

Terlingua Oasis Project promoting sustainable farming and the revegetation of overgrazed land, as well as fostering a sense of community and encouraging artistic outreach through example based leadership, hosting and educating interested workers and artists, and providing a space for educational and community events.

Big Bend Conservancy’s mission is to preserve, enrich, and conserve the unique resources of Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River through philanthropic efforts and in partnership with the National Park Service.

The Big Bend Conservation Alliance works to conserve the living heritage and unique natural and cultural resources of the greater Big Bend region of Texas.

The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) is the state agency that administers Texas’ soil and water conservation law and coordinates conservation and nonpoint source water pollution abatement programs throughout the State.

Sustainable Terlingua defining the boundaries of our outdoor living spaces by incorporating the natural beauty of desert plants adds privacy and a unique visual interest.

All Energies LLC specializing in solar systems and equipment that are tough enough to survive the harsh conditions of Far West Texas. We only recommend the best and most reliable solar power brands, which we’ve tested extensively in a wide range of environments.

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All Energies LLC, Owners

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Rio Grande Joint Venture brings people together across three Bird Conservation Regions to conserve ecosystems that support thriving and diverse communities of birds, other wildlife, and people.

Quivira Coalition

The Quivira Coalition builds soil, biodiversity, and resilience on western working landscapes. We foster ecological, economic, and social health through education, innovation, and collaboration.