2023 Water Projects

Terlingua Ranch: PWS TX 0220004

Transient Noncommunity (TNC)

Public Water Supply


Location: Terlingua Ranch, Brewster County Responsible Official: Terlingua Ranch Manager 432-371-3146
P.O. Box 638, Terlingua, TX.79852

The water system serves 8 cabins (32 rooms), ranch office, RV sites, restaurant, laundry, camp sites, employee housing area, and bathhouse.

Smith Well Pump Station 

Jacob and Martin Engineers has completed the design of the Smith Well Pump Station and Disinfectant Improvements. The installation will  include a 10,000 gallon raw water storage tank, 2 pressure tanks, a chlorinating tank, and two pumps to deliver water throughout our water system. We are awaiting approval from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to approve the design and then we will seek bids for its construction. Estimated cost is $80,000.

Cabin Well 

The Cabin Well is an existing well drilled in the early 70’s that was never brought on line. Its location, above the cabins makes it an ideal for tying into the existing water lines.  The plan is to install a well pump and lines. The well will be tested for its flow rate and water quality. Our goal is to have it certified for potable use. If not approved by TCEQ we will, by installing separate non potable lines to cabins and laundry, use it to reduce, by about 30%, our consumption of Smith Well potable water. If approved and it has a flow rate of 30 gpm., it will bring us into compliance with TCEQ connection standards.  The POATRI Board of   Directors has approved $15,000 for this project.

July 4, 2003 Arrowhead Well Services has installed a pump and related equipment in the Cabin Well. Water testing is underway and a 36 hour pump test has been approved by the board to determine the wells rate of flow. 

Line Looping Project

TCEQ has instructed us that we must connect the water line from the cabins to the water line at the Upper RV sites.  Doing so will eliminate the dead end line at the cabins and should improve the water line pressure to the cabins. The POATRI Board of   Directors has approved $15,000 for this project.  This project must be completed by the end of May.

May  2023 Larry Sunderland and  Jim Spofford assisted Jerry Schaffer in the installation of the new water line connecting the cabin line to the RV site line.