Road Committee

The Road Maintenance Committee is documenting the various conditions of our Ranch roads, identifying what is needed to properly maintain and improve them, to determine the areas where repair and reconstruction is necessary.  Our mission is to research and categorize the conditions, seek solutions and a strategy for addressing them in the future.

POATRI covers 1,100 miles of roads and while Committee members have been driving some of them when time permits, they are those we know about and hear about.  So it would help us if property owners could submit reports and analyses of their roads to us, including photos and or a video if possible.  We will follow up with road trips to inspect these conditions, and we are developing an overall plan to address the road conditions on the Ranch.  You can contact the committee at 

General Road Maintenance requests should follow the existing procedure whereby you complete the on-line form and submit it to Property Services we are not conducting daily operations.We hope to map our roads according to their conditions and post this for property owners’ use.  Please remember that Board and Committee members are all volunteers and most of us have full time jobs so we think community input, help and understanding of the issues involved will result in a better plan for the future of our roads.

Thank you for your participation –

Barbara Levedahl

Road Maintenance Committee Chair.

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