The Water Fund April 2022 Update.

April 28, 2022

The Water Fund was established to divert 5% of revenue from our hospitality operation to insure that we would have funds available and  focused on developing a secure water supply and help us to design and deliver a community water system that meets the needs of the our owners and guests. At the same time demonstrating conservation measures utilizing rain water catchment, gray water reuse, and prudent use of our groundwater.

In the first 5 quarters since its establishment the fund has collected $44,672.96, of which $8,677.99 has been used, leaving a balance of $35,994.96.

We purchased metering devices and had sounding equipment installed on wells. Allowing us, since January, to measure our wells health. 

$44,672.95 with 2021 costs of $8,677.99 remaining to date $35,994.96.

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