How it Works

Who to Contact

Water Committee, Here we will post volunteering  projects, skills needed, and provide an estimate of hours to complete. The goal is to do specific tasks, alone or in groups, that do not require an open ended committment. Engage when able. Members to be selected by Ranch Manager or the committee chair as needed from the Board, employees, other committees, and property owners. 

Contact Committee Chair Larry Sunderland at l.sunderland@poatri.org 

Dark Skies Task Force, will work towards having Terlingua Ranch certified as a Dark Sky Community.

Contact Task Force Chair

lBarbara Levedahl at b.levedahl@poatri.org

The Chihuahuan Desert Biogeographical Zone, Terlingua Ranch strives to be incorporated into the CDBZ as a transition zone “where concepts developed in the reserve are applied to achieve sustainable balances between the use of natural resources to meet human needs and their conservation for the future of the entire region”.

Contact :manager@terlinguaranch.com

Volunteers Needed