Water Committee Report July 2023

The Board of Directors having reviewed our non potable well’s health, the consequences of increased demand for water from property owners to that health, our costs of delivery, and the monthly allotment per account, we will be increasing the price per gallon and reducing the monthly allotment per account.  Property owners semi monthly allotment will be 500 gallons. Property owners windows for purchase are the 1st till the 15th and the 16th till the end of the month. Maximum amount per window is 500 gallons. The cost per gallon will increase to ten cents ($.10) a gallon.

The Water Committee will work with the Board President and the Ranch Manager to collect sales and use data to share with the board and property owners at the October Meeting. 

Proper oversite of our non potable water resource requires that we have a plan to manage that resource responsibly, allocate that resource in an equitable way, and to effectively communicate changes in sales or supply to property owners. 

Input from the board and the property owners, at the Friday workshop, has identified areas of concern and actions needed. Over the next quarter the Water Committee will focus on supporting management in addressing these issues. 

Issues identified:

      • Our data capture on sales needs to be improved. New forms for property owners and those hauling water for others are being introduced to improve data capture.
  • Metering of our non potable pumpage needs to be continued and more data collected. 
  • A calibrated delivery system, at the well, is needed.
  • Procedures for determining available supply and staged triggers for increase or reduction of supply. 
  • How and where to timely communicate to property owners any changes in our price or allotments.

The board president and the ranch manager will manage the Smith Well Improvements bid package from bidding through construction. 

The Cabin Well is ready for the 36 pump test which is the next step in the certification process required by TCEQ  for its approval as a potable water source. 

The stated purpose of the Water Committee is to provide both research and direction for a water management plan for Terlingua Ranch, and to provide education to property owners with regard to water sources, usage, and conservation by establishing and maintaining an informational and educational web site for property owners on all topics related to the water, and the environment of Terlingua Ranch. 

The poatriinthedesert.com website has information and links to articles and books that relate to water conservation, land restoration, and Dark Skies. In addittion, if you have ever wondered what the Water Committee is up to and are they really doing anything, you will find on the website a Water Commitee activity log. To further advance awareness and increase knowledge of how we can thrive in this desert community, we are working on a mock up of a educational newslettter concept to present to the board that will drop four times a year half way between our current POATRI newsletters.  

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